Humongous Bone

Adam – Level Design / Animation Lead

A Cleveland Ohio native and sports lover, Adam Kalavsky is a Motivated and determined creative with focuses in Game Design, Graphic Design, Animation, and Level Design.  Proficient in karate, lifter of weights, companion of technology, eater of foods, and petter of dogs. Adam’s ideal kind of night is definitely not staying up late to play competitive fps video games.

Kent – Programmer / Project Lead

Hailing from the suburbs of Cleveland OH, Kent has been a creative person from a young age. Discovering his passion for playing video games in his youth, and following those passions into creating them since college, Kent has been exposed to every facet of the process which lead to his focuses in project management and programming. When not playing or making video games, he can be found tinkering with his custom desktop, playing and listening to music, or honing his skills in Isshin-ryu Karate.