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The Team

Who We Are

Humongous Bone is Adam Kalavsky, Jon Paul Grzybowski, and Kent Engel (left to right). Just three dudes making the stupid games we would want to play and hoping that other people like them too. That's really all there is to it!

What We Do

We make games!

Games we have worked on / are currently working on:

Shark Thrower: iOS / Android

A ridiculous action puzzler where you play as a buff @$$ dude (or dudette) throwing hungry @$$ sharks. Master the game and learn how to use each unique shark to beat all 60 levels!

Get Outta My Garbage 4:

Another ridiculous game where you must fill your opponents pockets with garbage while racing to the center of the level. The more garbage you hold, the slower you move, so get rid of that garbage! (Currently only supports N64 USB controllers because we are hipsters, more support coming soon).

Project KYS (working title)

Ridiculous game part 3.

Local multiplayer action arena game.

Stay tuned for more information.

Where to See Us

We will update this with events we are attending!

Upcoming Events:

Ohio University's Business of Games Summit

GDEX 2017


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Drop us a line!

Wanna Make a Game?

We can do it! Email us with any potential freelancing opportunities.

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Big updates coming soon. Stay Tuned.