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October 1, 2017


Action Puzzler


iOS / Android

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Humongous Bone


Shark thrower is a 2D game in which you fling hungry sharks at a variety of unsuspecting fish. Obstacles impede your progress as you attempt to eat all of the fish with a variety of sharks at your disposal. Select and throw carefully…you have a limited number of sharks on each level!


The concept came to the team at Humongous Bone Games during an unexpected time…highly intoxicated and blurting out random phrases (circa 2012), someone said “Shark” and “Thrower” in quick succession and they knew immediately that it would be the greatest of games.

Fast forward to 2015, a time where Kent had graduated from college and was looking to continue his learning of the art of game development. He remembered the infamous phrase which had been uttered years ago, and brought it back up to JP and Adam as an actual game concept. From there, the team decided to push forth with the goal of creating a game out of a ridiculous scenario while publishing their first game together.

Shark Thrower was shown at various events: OGDE 2015, GDEX 2016 & 2017, and Wizard World Cleveland 2016. After much effort and feedback, Shark Thrower was released to the world and is available for play on mobile today.


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Team and Collaborators

Kent Engel
Project Lead / Programmer
Jon Paul Grzybowski
VFX / Art
Adam Kalavsky
Level Design / Animation
Josh Suhy
Sound Effects
Angelo Cicero


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