Its Been a While…

Well, well, well….we meet again! It has been entirely too long since our last blog post, but worry not as we have plenty (entirely too much) to show off. Why has it been so long you ask? Our games have been passion projects ever since we started our journey years ago, and recently there have been opportunities for us to work on other (PAID!) projects. We have had less time to focus on Humongous Bone games, but have fit in development time where we can while letting other items like blog posts… Read More

July 2019 Recap

The gravy train is on the move! Another month down and the game looks more different than ever. Lately, we have been focusing a lot on nailing down the aesthetic of the game which is really starting to take shape. As our consistent progress continues, we look forward to having a beautiful and playable game by GDEX which will give you a great idea of what the game will be. Lets get into the recap! Mechanics Like last sprint, a few known bugs in core gameplay have been fixed: Fixed bug related… Read More

May / June 2019 Recap

With another two months behind us, we are still making quite a bit of progress. The last time we blogged, we had the most productive span of time in the development of the game. This time around, we are on the same pace and it feels good to see the game progressing relatively quickly! We are all systems go getting this game ready for GDEX 2019 so get hyped, buy your GDEX tickets, and read on to see how greatly this game is progressing 🙂 Mechanics To start, we fixed a few… Read More

March / April 2019 Recap

Its been a bit longer than usual, but we haven’t forgot about you! Statistically speaking, we have accomplished more in the last two months than any other two months so we’ll use that as our excuse for skipping a month’s blog. Yeah. Although we have done quite a bit, I’ll try to keep this a bit shorter and sweeter and get to the juicy stuff. Without further ado, check out the progress we have made: Mechanics A few major mechanical changes have been made to make the game feel even more fast… Read More

February 2019 Recap

We are back and refreshed from showing our game for the first time ever at the 2019 BOGS (Business of Games Summit) at OU! For those that saw us – thank you so much for checking out this VERY early version of our game and offering valuable feedback. We have already had a few meetings and plan to implement much of the suggestions we were given, and have some great new ideas on how to improve the game. For those of you that didn’t see us – we will be showing our… Read More

January 2019 Recap

New year, new game. Its 2019 and we are finally getting our shit back together! In recent weeks, our game has been reaching first playable status with the vast majority of mechanics in place, and first pass / early representation of game art and animations implemented into the engine. A lot will change as we show the game and play test, but we finally have something to show and gather feedback on…and your first opportunity to do just that is at Ohio University’s Business of Games Summit on February 22nd!! Get pumped,… Read More

November/December 2018 Recap

WE HAVE A NAME FOR OUR GAME!! Sorry for the caps lock but it seemed necessary…please meet our next game, “Switch, Pit, Win!”. Belated happy holidays and a happy happy recap! It has been a busy time of the year with the holidays, but the team has managed to (relatively) keep our stuff together well enough to keep things moving. Hopefully we can start holding our promises of making these updates a bit more consistent and predictable, but alas the recap! Mechanics Now that most of the core gameplay mechanics have been… Read More

October 2018 Recap

Its time once again for the monthly recap! After attending GDEX, one of the largest gaming expos in the midwest, we refocused ourselves and had some design decisions to make. This past month was a result of that refocus, and for that reason we have plenty to talk about in terms of upcoming mechanical and art changes! Along with some of these changes to the core game, we have also created plenty of sleek new promotional art pieces to show off some of the objects in game. Now, enjoy the recap. Mechanics… Read More

August/September 2018 Recaps

I know what you’re thinking: we said we would post every month at the beginning of the month and we already failed on that. Well…I have no excuse, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! The last two months we focused mostly on iterating on and implementing existing assets in the engine. Improvements were made to character movement, a totally redesigned character was implemented in the game engine with a couple basic animations, the character’s HUD was improved, and the flow of matches was redesigned from the ground up. We also… Read More

July 2018 Recap

Another month, another recap! I know what you’re thinking, we released our last recap a short while ago and we already have another one? We usually don’t post recaps in such quick succession but there’s a method to the madness. We have been posting recaps at the end of our condensed work periods (which last a month), but we realized that once we factor in planning, those work months become a bit skewed from the calendar months. To realign, we are posting a bit of a shorter recap for July as a… Read More