Get Outta My Garbage 4

Release Date

March 13, 2016


Local Multiplayer Party Game


PC (N64 Controllers)

Important Links

Press/Business Contact

Developed By

Humongous Bone


A 2D local multiplayer party game where you and a friend race to the center of the screen while throwing garbage at each other. The faster you mash buttons, the faster you move…but the more garbage you are carrying the slower you move. MASH THOSE BUTTONS AND THROW THAT GARBAGE!


An absolutely idiotic game made during “Train Jam” 2016, Get Outta My Garbage 4 was created in 60 hours while riding on a train from Chicago to San Francisco. With the theme of “Maximum Capacity”, the team decided to make a game in which movement speed is augmented by the amount of items you are carrying until you reach Maximum Capacity and are momentarily stunned.

This was the first game jam attempted by the team at Humongous Bone, and it became quickly apparent how the hysteria and lack of sleep from these events seeps into the design of the games that come out of them. The event was so enjoyable that the team will certainly be back for more jams in the future.

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