Switch, Pit, Win!

A 2D Multiplayer Action Arena game where players have the ability to control their opponents character. Protect your character by creating platforms while navigating your opponent’s character into death zones on the map. The last person (or team) standing wins the game!

Get Outta My Garbage 4

A 2D local multiplayer party game where you and a friend race to the center of the screen while throwing garbage at each other. The faster you mash buttons, the faster you move…but the more garbage you are carrying the slower you move. MASH THOSE BUTTONS AND THROW THAT GARBAGE!

Shark Thrower

Shark thrower is a 2D game in which you fling hungry sharks at a variety of unsuspecting fish. Obstacles impede your progress as you attempt to eat all of the fish with a variety of sharks at your disposal. Select and throw carefully…you have a limited number of sharks on each level!